5 Reasons to Pet a Cat Today

NEKO Pride, May 19 2021

Keeping our sanity is of the utmost importance.

Make it easy on yourself and come meet the kitties. Here are some of the MANY reasons to come in and pet the fluffs.


Petting a cat for literally 10-minutes is proven to relieve mental stress.

Clear mind & happy cats? We're in.

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Petting cats makes your brain release the “cuddle chemical"

Oxytocin makes us more relaxed and pawsitive. No wonder cat people are so purrfect. That's right, you're purrfect.

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The “cuddle chemical” makes for sweeter date nights.

Oxytocin helps you emotionally connect with your purrson. Date night at NEKO? Yes, please!

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Time with cats purrtects against cat allergies.

Kiddos who spend time with kitties reduce their risk of future allergies. Not to mention: Cutest. Photos. Ever.

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Cats make your heart healthy & happy.

Hanging out with cats reduces your risk of heart attack and high blood pressure. Plus, major heart-eyes.

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So what are you actually waiting for... reservations are highly recommended!

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