Learn About Our Cats

We have two unique populations of cats from one ameowzing shelter

Our mission is simple, rescue as many cats as humanly pawssible.

We have partnered with Regional Animal Services of King County to rescue cats from all over the Northwest and beyond. We provide a sanctuary where they are free to roam and meet the human of their dreams!

NEKO Partner Shelter RASKC
Looking to adopt a cat from NEKO?

PAWSOME! Check out our adoption processes. 

Our Adoption Process

Our cats are our top priority

NEKO has partnered with some of healthiest and yummiest cat food brands and litter products.

Lotus Pet Food and WERUVA provide us with some of the best cat food out there. From their holistic approach to nutrition and their naturally sourced ingredients, we are very pleased to feed our cats the healthiest cat foods on the market ensuring that they stay healthy! We also like to keep their litter boxes fresh with the best and most loved litter, World's Best Cat Litter. Because we know what they say, "A clean box is a happy box."

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