Our Adoption Process

Looking to expand your family with a new cat from NEKO?

Below is a step-by-step guide to our adoption process for both of our locations. All of our cats are from our partner shelter, Regional Animal Shelter of King County.

Step 1:

Book a reservation with the kitties and try to find your purrrfect match. Talk with the Cat Bouncer on duty about the kitty you are interested in.

Step 2:


Bellingham Adoption Application    Seattle Adoption Application

Step 3:

Please note that our kitties are very popular and each cat receives many applicants. Applicants are reviewed by our team and those that appear to be the best match will move onto the interview process. After we complete the interviews of 5-10 candidates a lucky adopter will be chosen! Each adopter is matched to the specific cat and human wants and needs. 

Step 4:

Get your house setup for your newest family member! We will let you know all their favorite things to help make a smooth transition.

Step 5:

Once your house is all set up, we will schedule an adoption day! Our adoption process typically takes between 4-8 weeks. We do not do same-day adoptions.

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Meet our kitties

NEKO is home to a family of 12-25 adoptable cats

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